Bio of Imam Raqeeb Abdul-Jabbar

Raqeeb Abduljabbar 53, Is married and the father 9 children and 7 grandchildren with 2 youngest children in Madina Bye, Senegal studying Qur’an.

Chaplain/Imam Raqeeb is a product of the Dar Islam movement, of Sheikh Dawood (RA) of the State Street Masjid in Brooklyn was one his first teachers who influenced his father to take his Shaahdah in 1957… Born and raised in Brooklyn New York where he attended public as well as the Islamic weekend schools at the time. … Around the age 13 or 14 we left Brooklyn in 1975 for Savannah Ga. Total environmental shock … the deep south was still in racial flux… At Masjid Jihad, we found refuge under Imam Maajid Faheem Ali (ra) who was a student of Imam W.D. Muhammad (ra). After few years in Savannah. I enter the Coast Guard in 1980 and Honorably Discharged in 1986 with my first degree in Electronics.

My entire tour was in the South Pacific, places like Guam, Philippines, Micronesia, Malaysia, Jakarta, Indonesia where I started my studies in Islamic History of at-Tabari at Madrassa Jamia Islamia finished in 1988.

In 1993 Imam Raqeeb began serving the Washington D.C. community as the Amir at Gallaudet University. There, he established the first deaf/ hard of hearing, MSA 1996 Imam Raqeeb started volunteering in South Carolina Dept. of Corrections and worked his way to a contract Chaplain where he worked for 3 years. Two years ago, I started working at High Desert State Prison for California Dept. of Corrections, as a Muslim Chaplain with endorsements from (AMCE) (MACA) and (AMC) now presently assigned at Corcoran State Prison.

In 2015, I finished my CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education Certification) At Bon Secours Hospital in Portsmouth Va. In the Fall of 2017 will be working to finish with a Master of Divinity and Minor in Family and Marital Counseling at United Theological Seminary.

Raqeeb has had the pleasure of studying and living in the Islamic environment of Madina Bye, Senegal, Australia and Fiji. And now serving as Imam at Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Center.