Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Center mission Statement

  •         To facilitate the practice of Islam in the lives of Muslims by adherence to the teaching of the Qur’an and Sunnah (sacred traditions) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

  •         To maintain a clean, safe, and accessible place of worship for the establishment of the five daily prayers, Salatul Jum’ah (Friday prayer) and other Islamic functions.

  •         To create a welcoming Islamic environment for individuals and families to gather, get to know each other, and help each other in righteousness and piety.

  •         To teach and dispense authentic Islamic teaching that supports a clear understanding of Islam, and how to live as a Muslim in the United States.

  •         To help the poor, the needy, the weak, and the oppressed.

  •         To invite people to the simplicity of the Islamic faith, and the worship of Allah alone without partners, and the avoidance of divisive titles that undermine the unity of the believers.

  •         To promote unity, tolerance and understanding between American Muslims of different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. 

Masjid Ibrahim was founded in 1995 by American Muslim converts to Islam who struggled to turn an abandon night club and drinking establishment into a Masjid and place of da’wah to Islam.

Once the doors opened they were joined by Muslims immigrants who lived in the neighborhood from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Africa. Almost overnight the Masjid became a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic community. Over time, many people from Sacramento, particularly the Del Paso Heights area began to convert to Islam. We have been praying side by side as Muslims in America from different races, different cultures, different schools of thought and different backgrounds for two decades.

Twenty-one Ramadan’s later we’ve found that there is nothing that brings Muslim people together and endears us to each other like worshiping Allah together and enjoining upon other truth and patience. Masjid Ibrahim has been a part of Del Paso Heights, Sacramento community since the beginning. When people in the community see us, they see there soccer coaches, their accountants, the teachers at the local school, their relatives, and neighbors. This is the future of Islam in America.