The sudden eruption of an armed man in a mosque in Lyon has petrified the faithful

While a fair was in full swing, Saturday, May 30, in a family atmosphere, in the mosque in Saint-Genis-Laval, near Lyon, the sudden eruption of a gunman on the stroke of 16 hours was frozen in place the many faithful men, women and children who participated.

Playing spoilsport of the worst kind, the person, described as “drunk” at the time of shattering incursion and full mouth insults, threatened the faithful with a gun “apparently loaded” as clarified Abdelkader Laïd Bendidi, President of the Regional Council of the Muslim Faith (CRCM), the latter ensuring that it had been deposited drive by “accomplices”. One detail that is cold in the back, sending the thesis of Islamophobic premeditated aggression.

In an official statement, Rhone prefecture reported that this dark maniac ”  was immediately arrested by the services of the National Gendarmerie , “while Michel Delpuech, prefect of the Rhône-Alpes region, immediately called for that it is ”  severely condemned “, but no further details about his identity, profile and motivations, only its investment drunk tank with filtered.

The President of the National Observatory against Islamophobia and member of the executive bureau of the French Muslim Council, Abdallah Zekri, vigorously condemned this odious act that comes lengthen the long list of Islamophobic acts since the attacks in January, emphasizing the dizzying boom of Islamophobia in the country: an increase of 500% over the first quarter of 2015, 178 acts have been recorded in January, against 14 last year.

The State has expressed its indignation, through Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of Interior, who testified Sunday its full support to the Muslim community of the Rhone, saluting ” the coolness of the faithful and the professionalism of the police , who immediately arrested the attacker. This reactivity demonstrates the importance of the mobilization of forces engaged in the protection of places of worship, reinforced by the state since January 2015 “.

” In our secular Republic, respect must prevail: everyone should peacefully practice his religion , “could be read in the official press, prior to the highlighted farm governmental determination that” no anti-religious act remains unpunished . “

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